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  • WMS

    Software Introduction


    Between the upper systems (ERP, MES, and SAP) and the equipment scheduling layer (WCS), WMS realizes the seamless data connection between the upper systems and the equipment scheduling layer. WMS receives, integrates and splits the upper system information, and realizes a series of operation, including material warehousing and shelving, material turnover in the warehouse (transfer, inventory, and replenishment), the management of delivery orders (management of pick-up waves, the management of order aggregation), and inventory optimization, to provide users with efficient and stable warehouse management services.
    Damon WMS System reserves a variety of communication interfaces (Socket, HTTP, DB, MQ, and SFTP), and supports the multi-type, multi-version database (Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL), enhancing the universality of the system and facilitate the rapid connection with user systems.

    Software Features

    • Individuation
      Proper functions are customized based on the actual situation of users
      Based on the upper system and the equipment scheduling system of the users, it connects to communication interfaces, realizing data exchange
      It is applicable to the scenarios and demands of different industries and users 

    • Modularization
      It systematically integrates several standard sub-functional modules
      It is suitable for different types of equipment
      Every sub-module operates independently and does not interfere with each other

    •  Visualization
      It provides clients with the visualized system inventory monitoring function
      Users can keep track of the materials stored in the warehouse and the storage location on a real-time basis
      Users can query the entire warehouse operation

    • Robustness
      Multi-node system deployment
      Advanced encryption technology ensures data security
      It provides clients with 24/7 continuous service

    • Standard modules
    • Dynamic state visualization
    • Rapid deployment
    • Data security


    WMS Functional Module

    WMS Functional Module

    Warehousing and Delivery Operation

    Warehousing and Delivery Operation

    Receipt Query

    Receipt Query

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