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  • i-Cube

    Standardized and modular intelligent storage and pick-up solution for ultra-high-density storage.


    i-CubeTM4.0 is a standardized and modular standard and automated box-style stereoscopic warehouse offering ultra-high storage density. The standard warehouse is composed of several standard modules, which can be freely added or removed for different fields like building blocks to rapidly build a "standard warehouse" that meets user needs. The warehouse also supports a combination of multiple warehouses in parallel/series to form a set of intelligent storage systems, which supports directional function configuration for a specified single warehouse and free addition and removal of warehouses in the unit of one standard warehouse. Such excellent flexible scalability allows users to easily respond to business growth and market changes. i-CubeTM 4.0 is composed of standard storage rack modules, sliding rails for elevation, sorting trolleys, the i-G5TM conveying system, the intelligent storage space management system, WCS, etc. Its unique intelligent algorithm guarantees the work bin storage space, entry and exit paths with their optimization, to maximize the efficiency of entering and exiting from the warehouse. Working together with the WMS and PHEGDA (PHM) system, it can realize big data analysis and provide suggestions for making decisions on system equipment maintenance.


    • Excellently Flexible
      The modular design allows the addition and removal of standard modules like building blocks to adapt to the terrain.
      Support combination of multiple warehouses in parallel/series, and allow inconsistent storage spaces in a single warehouse and directional function configuration for a specified warehouse
      Support deployment of standard module units and standard single warehouses by addition and removal at any time.

    • Extensively Available
      One machine offers multiple functions for a variety of purposes such as turnover, temporary storage, ranking, and goods-to-person sorting.
      The largest size of L800×W600 (mm) of work bins can meet the storage requirements of almost all small items.
      The sorting execution controller and the conveying system are perfected integrated to support goods-to-person and goods-to-robot.

    • Perfectly Cost-effective
      Standards warehouses can be gradually increased or combined in parallel/series based on business development, leading to small risks in staged investment.
      The number of storage spaces and picking controllers can be determined based on the terrain and traffic, without wasting any capacity.
      Low overall costs, system power consumption, and maintenance, and short delivery cycle.

    • Ultra-high density
    • High security
    • Standard modules
    • Extremely easy expansion


    Intelligent Access System

    Lifting Slide Rail & Picking Trolley

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