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  • After-sales services

    Technical support and training

    We will provide technical documentation and user manuals for our products and arrange for experts to provide further training and support. We will also evaluate the capabilities of your equipment operators to develop training plans to fully explain equipment operations such as using and maintaining the system, as well as equipment failure troubleshooting and repairing.

    Phone-based technical guidance

    Clients can contact our technical support personnel by calling us at 400-065-1968 for a guaranteed rapid response (the hotline is available 24/7, 365 days a year). We guarantee a rapid response to any issues at any time. After receiving a client's technical support request or repair request, we will immediately call the client to understand the issue and assist the client with troubleshooting to solve the issue. For technical issues that cannot be solved immediately, we will record it in our client report system and notify the client of the expected repair time. 

    Remote intelligent services

    We use modern technologies such as AR to remotely interact with our clients on-site to troubleshoot in real time and solve hardware and software failures. This helps minimize the number of equipment interruptions, helping our clients return to being fully operational and maximizing efficiency. Some examples include:

    Coordinating after-sales remote technical support

    Remotely guiding clients to solve product usage issues, and providing clients with professional and efficient remote troubleshooting

    Collecting and summarizing product quality information from various channels, giving feedback to relevant departments in real time for improvement, and following up the problems until they are solved

    Assisting personnel to appraise the quality of spare parts;

    Summarizing remote and on-site technical support reports to build a remote troubleshooting case library, to create standard response operating procedures

    Preparing remote technical support manuals and improvingservice procedures

    Communicating with on-site technical support personnel during support and repairs

    Emergency repairs and maintenance

    Emergency repairs: We guarantee rapid, accurate and effective repairs in any instance of equipment failure, to minimize operator losses caused by equipment downtime and reduce maintenance costs.

    Maintenance services: We offer maintenance services for the system and equipment within and outside the warranty period. This refers to maintaining the equipment to keep it in peak operational condition and continually improve its performance.

    On-site services

    Our experienced field service team provides preventive mechanical, software and hardware support on-site to keep the system running smoothly at all times. We offer optimal solutions based on our client's needs, and in the case of system issues or failures, we guarantee the fastest possible response to minimize costs and losses due to offline equipment.

    On-site production support during peak periods

    Our experienced field service team provides preventive mechanical, software and hardware support on-site to keep the system running smoothly at all times. We offer optimal solutions baWe recognize that our clients can't afford their equipment being offline in peak periods, which is why we guarantee a rapid response to any system issues or failures to keep our clients operating efficiently at all times

    Preventive maintenance

    We can provide preventive maintenance services such as system inspections, security inspections and system monitoring all while leaving the system operating according to your requirements. This makes it possible for our clients to continually improve and maintain their equipment without any downtime while also avoiding any future interruptions

    Asset management services

    With our advanced equipment health management system and IoT technology, we can remotely monitor equipment and assets and collect and analyze key operating data. This data helps us determine the priority of true alarms, and identify the relationship between factors that trigger equipment downtime. Based on big data and advanced algorithms, we can understand the operating state of all equipment and assets on-site and plan maintenance when needed. We use IoT technology and data analysis to forecast issues that may occur in the future to carry out preventive system maintenance when needed, to reduce downtime and thus extend the life of equipment and assets for the client.

    Regular equipment inspection services

    We can provide regular equipment inspection services. Each of our service engineers has many years of service experience and is fully familiar with the equipment. Our regular inspection services keep systems in optimal operating condition, as well as identify potential failures and issues. Preventative measures reduce the probability of equipment failure while ensuring the continued stable operation of the system

    Relocation and moving services

    If you need to relocate your warehouse or distribution center and need assistance to move your equipment and systems, we can provide services such as dismantling, labeling, packing and transporting the equipment, and reinstalling and debugging the system at your new location. We guarantee to relocate and reinstall your system in a short period of time

    Original replacement parts

    We provide clients with high-quality, original replacement parts for all of our equipment and systems. Our service engineers can help clients easily order, receive and install original replacement parts as well as assist clients with any procurement issues. All original replacement parts are selected and purchased based on our strict quality standards to improve our competitive edge and ensure the reliability of our system

    Upgrade parts

    As we continually improve our system through upgrades, we can provide upgrade parts to extend the service life of your system and keep it fully up-to-date

    System extended warranty

    We offer extended warranties based on clients’ needs to provide long-term maintenance and repair services

    Upgrade and renovation services

    As businesses are changing constantly, clients may need to upgrade their current solutions. We offer hardware, electrical system and software upgrades to ensure our client's warehouses and distribution centers can meet their future business needs

    Third-party equipment servicing

    We offer third-party equipment servicing

    Servicing for equipment not provided by Damon

    We can maintain equipment that is not provided by us

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