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    Intelligent Logistics System Solutions for Different Industries

    About Damon

    Damon Technology Group Corp., Ltd. (Abbreviation: Damon Technology; code: 688360.SH) is a company devoted to the R&D and application of intelligent logistics technologies in the long term. After more than 20 years of outstanding development, Damon has formed unique competitive advantages in terms of its integrated industry chain from the design and manufacturing of core components and key equipment, software development, to system integration, providing clients with core components, key equipment and intelligent logistics system solutions. Damon is a company focusing on technological innovation in the full industry chain of intelligent conveying and sorting logistics equipment.

    Always focusing on the core competitiveness of technology and innovation, Damon seeks to offer advanced, stable and reliable intelligent logistics products and systems. Damon's clients are mainly high-quality leading companies in various industries, covering such industries as e-commerce, express delivery, clothing, pharmaceuticals, new retail, intelligent manufacturing, etc. High-quality core clients not only bring Damon stable and considerable economic benefits, but also help establish Damon's good reputation and high-end brand image in the industry. With the goal becoming "a global enterprise focusing on Internet + Internet of Things", Damon gives full play to the advantages in terms of the industry chain from core software and hardware to system integration, and is devoted to becoming a supplier of intelligent logistics equipment and system services with global influence.

    Latest events

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    • Exhibition
      Jul 29,2021

      02-04 November

      Materials Handling Middle East 2021

    • Exhibition
      Nov 16,2021

      17-19th March 2022

      ChinaShop 2021

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